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DIY Photo Ledge

Hey friends! Today I’m excited to share one of my favorite home projects we’ve done at our little blue house! Whenever we moved into this house, I felt a little overwhelmed by the task of making it feel like our home. All those blank walls felt a little daunting, even though decorating is one of my favorite things to do. Insert amazing photo ledge project to the rescue!! With the help of my dad, we created this photo ledge for under $15, and it only took one afternoon!  I can’t get over how much I love it!

Fall Photo Ledge

It was incredibly easy to make this ledge. We purchased a total of three boards: two 1x4s and one 1×2, all six foot in length. We quickly sanded the boards, and attached them to created the desired shape with a nail gun and some wood glue. Later that day, Graham and I painted the ledge with some off white chalk paint we had leftover from wedding projects. We hung the ledge in the center of our largest dining room wall.

Fall Photo Ledge Fall Photo Ledge Fall Photo Ledge

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Current Art on the Photo Ledge:

  • Zinc “W”: This W was an engagement party gift from my best friend. It floats from room to room, but you can be sure that it’s on display somewhere in my home!
  • Scripture Type Print: I love the design of this Spurgeon quote from Scripture Type. I like the color it adds to the space, but more importantly it is a beautiful reminder of the gospel!
  • Gather Art: This piece of art has a bit of a funny backstory. I found this painting in a “to get rid of” pile in my parents’ home. Unfortunately, I don’t know the significance of the piece or who made it originally. I brought it home with me and sketched the word gather across the center of the painting. A few coats of paint later and I had a repurposed piece of art for our home. I probably should start shopping at my parents’ home more often 🙂
  • Letterfolk: Although sometimes I don’t feel funny enough to own this item, I love my Letterfolk board. This was a gift from Graham early in our marriage, and I love switching up the text on it. Right now it’s dressed up with an Oscar Wilde quote fitting for fall.
  • Fall Details: All of the other pieces are items I’ve collected from Michael’s over the years. One thing I love about our photo ledge is that it’s deep enough to act as a small shelf. This allows me to add depth and dimension to the art we display!

Fall Photo Ledge

While I love a well executed gallery wall, I must say our photo ledge has worked much better for our home! Far too often I overthink decorating decisions…does anyone else struggle with putting holes in the wall? Is it just me?!? This photo ledge has been perfect for my tendency towards constant rearranging. I have used it to decorate for a bridal shower, various parties, holidays, etc. Right now, I’m working on cozying up our entire home for fall! In the upcoming weeks I’m planning on sharing a tour of fall decorations throughout our home. Be on the lookout 🙂